Wednesday, 13 December 2006

On beards

In a saner world, people would stop asking me why I have a beard and start asking my clean-shaven friends why they scrape their faces with metal most mornings. Well, it's not quite the same thing, but according to today's Guardian, facial hairiness is coming into fashion:

Forty years ago a beard was a potent expression of the free-living, free-loving radicalism of 60s counterculture. For a while it was the sign of the slacker. Now it's no stranger to the Power-Point presentation. Until web 2.0 companies crash, old-fashioned businesses will have to get used to the hirsute.


Mark said...

"facial hairiness is coming into fashion"

Bother. [makes mental note to shave!]

Welcome back, Dougald :)

dougaldHine said...

Welcome to you too! Now, the question is, what's the smiley for a beard...? How about this -


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