Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Brought to you by the 'diverse, vibrant and innovative' gambling industry...

As seen above a urinal in the gents of a west London pub:

You love sex, she loves sex. You love money, she loves money. You have money, she loves you. See how much you have in common?
I am struggling here. I can't seem to find anything beyond the single entendre. Or even much of a connection to poker. Unless the message is: "Gamble on our site and you can win enough to pay for a prostitute."

And this is the 'diverse, vibrant and innovative industry' which Tessa Jowell believes holds the key to regenerating our towns and cities.


Dougald Hine said...

To make matters worse, le colonel chabert suggests the double entendre I couldn't make out is 'Poke Her':

'Appealing to the distantly, ironically ironically distant: we're not going to try to kid you, you're too smart for that. You're as smart as we are; you know our game better than we do. Who are we kidding? So can we talk? You want to be a winner, not a loser. This is your only chance. Not much of a chance, but it's all you've got.'

Abi said...

Holy cow, and there was I labouring under the impression that women were real people too. [aside: I can only assume our Tess's comments have been taken out of context - and probably out of a different file altogether.]

Dougald Hine said...

Hi Abi,

Thanks for commenting!

I'm sure Tessa didn't have this particular ad in mind when she characterised the gambling industry in such glowing terms. She was speaking about the impact of the massive expansion of all kinds of gambling over which New Labour has presided - and particularly the benefits of casinos in stimulating urban regeneration. But she and her colleagues have taken an equally welcoming approach to online gambling.

Anyway, I should come back to this and explain why I loathe UK government policy on industrialised gambling almost as much as I loathe this advert!

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