Monday, 14 April 2008

Scientific, Post-Modern Secular Materialism...

Cartoon: Failed Space Junk Out of Control

(Thanks to Tom!)


libby davy said...

...and now you're posting Leunig cartoons, I'm truly getting spooked. Was going to bring a copy of one of his mighty books to the Free School last night as a gift to School of Everything. Michael has been by my side the whole way to here. So 'right' to meet you all amongst much fine fare for heart and mind.

Viva Illich, Macmurray, Piaget, Reggio (see Museum of Childhood and, Free School and everything...

Dougald Hine said...

How funny! I only just discovered Leunig, courtesy of my friend Tom.

Great to meet you last night - so many interesting threads of conversation which I hope to pick up again soon.

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