Tuesday 20 January 2009

Plugging tomorrow's talk

Quick plug for my next talk at the wonderful Temporary School of Thought. If you're in London and free tomorrow (Weds) at 5pm, come down to 39A Clarges Mews, where I'll be thinking out loud about 'Economic Chemotherapy'.

Erm... as in, cheap treatments for cancer? Nope. As in "What if we tried looking at economic growth as something unhealthy?"

Why would anyone want to do that? Well, some people say we need to because of climate change. Other people say we're going to have to because of Peak Oil. But what really interests me is the possibility that there might be deeper reasons, to do with the way we look at the world.

Is this going to be one of your abstract philosophical ramblings with lots of footnotes that have no relevance to the real world? Um... I hope not. I do want to talk a bit about the history of questioning growth and some of the different ideas that are out there, but that's only the background. The real action comes when we start talking about ways of thriving when the economy is shrinking. (And whatever you think about the desirability of growth, that sounds pretty relevant right now, doesn't it?) I've got several suggestions, but I'm hoping other people will have too.

OK, you've convinced me. When's this all happening, again? 5pm, Weds 21/01/09 at 39A Clarges Mews, off Curzon Street, Mayfair, London, which is about two minutes walk from Green Park tube.

And what if I've, like, got a proper job so I can't go hanging out in posh squats at five o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon? Fear not - video and podcasts will be available in due course. (Though you won't find heckling me half as satisfying.)

Within a few hours of arriving, I have been given a juggling lesson and an invitation to labyrinth building... and attended a talk on anarchy (the besuited lecturer was recording the talk for his files — apparently, even anarchists keep records). Sunday Times, 18/01/09


Anonymous said...

Seen these:

Nick Herman said...

Sounds great, right up my alley; and I can't even begin to tell you how blasphemous such talk would sound on the other side of the water over here (and so outlandish it is, that it is not something even remotely approached by any figure or publication I have come across)--so you know you're on to something good.
You're giving me more reasons to make an extended trip to the UK at some point in the future!

Anonymous said...

Also, this is great:


Dol said...

Are the video / slides / writeup gonna be available soon...?

Dougald Hine said...

Thanks, guys!

@Josef - look forward to checking those out. And thanks for the intro to Mark.

@Nick - I hope you get the chance to make that trip soon! It would be great to meet you face-to-face and hang out after all our virtual conversations.

@Dan - I'm going to have an audio/video editing session tomorrow morning and try to get as much material up as possible. Also, I think Andy Broomfield is planning on doing a write-up of the talk, which I'm sure will be a good summary of the interesting bits!

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